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A message from our founder

Back in the early 2000’s when I left Corporate America and pursued my dreams of starting my own computer consulting service business, one of my biggest challenges was keeping up with billing. It was the bane of my existence.

I loved getting paid, but hated the headache of having to manually calculate hours, convert them to dollars owed, put them into an invoice, mail them out, etc. It was a time intensive process and one I couldn’t keep up with. I wanted to do what I did best, my job. I was all over the place (running myself ragged) trying to service my current clients, while acquiring new ones. My stress levels were through the roof. I tried EVERYTHING.

For a while, I was using Excel and/or Word templates to produce invoices to my clients; it was extremely tedious and cumbersome. Keeping track of invoices sent and what was owed using Excel/Word was anything BUT ideal. I was overworked, over-tasked, and the more time I spent on billing, the less time I spent with my family.

I was desperate. I tried break the billing cycle nightmare by trying every off the shelf and web-based “solution” I could find. But even the most popular products, were still lacking, complicated, and completely un-intuitive. The more bells and whistles they offered , the more complicated and confusing the products were. THAT is not how it should be.


I finally took matters, my life and my business, into my own hands and started working on an easier way, BILLWAZE. A close friend and I got together, banged our heads ( so-to-speak ) and came out with BILLWAZE version 1. It was a momentous occasion! It was as though the weight of the world was finally off my shoulders. The once daunting process of Billing.. was now a breeze. I could once again focus on growing my business without having a panic attack.

The new system was simple! It was EZ!

With version 1, all we had to do was create a new client, tell the system when to email an invoice.. and Voila!! PDF’s got delivered to client inboxes on schedule and on-time. Not only that, but clients would send us payments faster – because the invoice was in their hands faster.

But that was then. Today, with the release of BILLWAZE version 2, things have gotten even better, faster, more informative, and yes.. even easier. With the introduction of BILLWAZE version 2 to the public, we have taken our years of experience, frustration and pain and brought you something that will deliver for you and your business, year after year.

Our goal is Simple… having all features and relevant data there, right where you need them and right where it makes sense. Making billing easy continues to be the framework by which all functions are built and integrated into BILLWAZE. We’ve tremendously simplified the Graphic User Interface and included Charts + Graphs + Reports that give Real-Time “useful” statistics into the health of your business.


“…I loved getting paid, but hated the headache of having to manually calculate hours, convert them to dollars owed, put them into an invoice…”

“Goal is Simple… having all features and relevant data there, right where you need them and right where it makes sense.”

See how BILLWAZE makes invoicing a walk in the park!

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Our Story

Whether you are a Freelancer, Consultant, MSP, VAR, Web Designer, Digital Marketer or any other small to medium-sized technology services based business, BILLWAZE will finally put all your billing management headaches to rest.

If you are a one-man shop like I was, or have a team of employees you collaborate with on a daily basis,– the tools and features within BILLWAZE will simplify your daily struggles, take away the headaches and hassles, GUARANTEED!

BILLWAZE is developed to work in the United States, but also designed to service our European customers as well.

We have put a lot of work into BILLWAZE making it the easiest way to run your service based business. It has done wonders for our organization and now it’s time for us to share it with the world! BILLWAZE is the product that will give you your time and sanity back, will get rid of your billing nightmares, and allow you to see the big picture and regain control of your everyday business operations. It’s really that simple! When you try BILLWAZE, we know that you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it!

Happy Finding Your BILLWAZE!

Jeff Liebov

Jeff Liebov

CEO & Founder


Nicole Stirling - Chief Marketing Officer

Nicole believes in working smarter, not harder which makes her the perfect fit for the BILLWAZE team.

Previously working as a Marketing Director for global technology brands, Sitecore and Acquia, and then as a marketing consultant, Nicole has struggled with inefficient, time wasting and incredibly frustrating business systems.

Nicole now helps our customers to make the most of every BILLWAZE feature. Because the EASIER your experience with BILLWAZE, the FASTER your invoices are paid and the SOONER you get back to living your best life ever!

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“running a small business is complex as it is, using software to run it shouldn’t be”​